About us

About us

Our destiny began when we met as co-workers and realized we shared the same knowledge, servant leadership, and passion for medical coding and billing. These things we have in common made us think for the first time about starting our own company.

We began to give birth to our idea by facing and overcoming every obstacle that women entrepreneurs often encounter. Limited funding, competitive field, balance of responsibilities and family life doesn’t stopped us to reach our goal, and HERE WE ARE TODAY.

Premier Coding Services company is based in South Florida and offers a variety of medical services for healthcare providers nationwide. We consider each provider as our only client by offering an unique personalized service. We are proficient handling the medical revenue cycle billing process focusing on our main goal; maximizing our client’s reimbursement.

We are recognized for our hard work, transparency and valued integrity. We promise the highest quality and willingness for our client. Your trust in us will be gained through our transparency. We value our reputation and we will give go the extra mile to maintain high standards.

Our team is professionally certified by AAPC where we currently hold an up to date membership. We manage sensitive patient’s information with the highest level of care,  and ensuring HIPAA compliance at all times.

Trust in us and you will get nothing but our premier expertise services.

Meets industry standards and regulations
More than half a decade
Trusted by our clients